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The Beloved Earth

The Beloved Earth
One Space! Every one!

Please take a look at globe.

The Beloved Earth

Australia too.

But please, wait a moment.
If you are good lord, and take away all water away from the earth, would happen to earth.

Yes, all the continent is connected.
Everything is whole one thing.

Look at the forest trees.

How many trees are there? There is a lot.
But, if you are good lord whom created forest, how would you think.

Truly, the soil in which necessary for the survival of trees are connected.
Everything is whole one thing.

The Beloved Earth

Tell me your address immediately.

The Beloved Earth

I live at Tokyo,
where do you live?

Yes, once again, please wait.
If you are good lord and say your address.

Truly, your house, town, country, earth, galaxy, universe, address is also one.

The Beloved Earth


One Space!
All one!
And I.

We are all connected at deep spot.

Therefore,when something happens to people around you,
it is said to be your problem, in reality.

Truth of “we are all one”is mislead because we are believing things this way.
other people and I,
foreign country and native country, alien and earth person,
this has created conflict in mind and war, struggle has occurred in the past.

If your are all universe,
say your body as a whole universe,
earth is stomach or intestine.

What do you think?
If stomach which is part of your body, start war against intestine.

Which will win or lose, which one is justice and which one is devil?

It isn’t correct.
This will create tragedy.

Human is filled with wonders.
Moment after you realize biggest dimension,
your behavior, your movement will change.

Please sense your dimension of whole body(earth)and realize you are a part of everything.
Please understand all parts are necessary parts, If you could realize about it,the happy life will wait ahead.

Don’t worry, all human beings are needed, don’t think weak one is not necessary.
Strong person try to become strongest one.
However, the limit wait ahead for human beings.

It is same that stomach can’t became intestine.

Weak person realize limit and try to get support from other people.
Try to connect many strength, like 60trillion cells in the body,
and accomplish big event in which is difficult by one person.

Weak person has a big chance since they are more capable to realize power of “we are all one”

The Beloved Earth

please image.

If you are earth, how would you feel?
Happy? Sad?

Or feeling comfort、
able or bad?

Earth is now at the sad situation.

Most of people are beginning to realize.
There is a lot we can do to bring back peace earth.

How about try to do something we can do together?

To enjoy earth in which we selected to live, think about our lifestyle.

The Beloved Earth
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